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The noise hit her like a falling wall as she turned the corner to face fifty-some-odd students, all of whom seemed to be shouting at the top of their lungs.

Most of them were boys, a few of whom she knew because her son, Bobby, had brought them to the house for one meal or another, or because they had dated her daughter, Lori.

Her almost instant addiction to that feeling had led to her lying naked under him time and again.

Had Claire stopped to examine the feelings coursing through her body, she might have recognized them as being remarkably like sexual feelings.

She might have noticed that her panties were a little damp and that her nipples had spiked through the cream colored silk blouse she should have known better than to wear to a sporting event weekend. She was dressed for business—a charcoal wool skirt clinging to her hips, making the jut of her breasts seem larger than they actually were. Had Claire examined the faces of all those teenagers, she might have noticed that a lot of the boys' eyes lingered on her as she waded slowly through the crowd, lugging her bag behind her, looking for her own children.

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