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We arrived, exchanged pleasantries with the Master, who was in a very serious mood.He demanded that I strip immediately, which I did, and he led us down to the basement.

He told me the whole story one night while we were driving around town on a naked dare adventure.

As it began to get hard he dropped the robe over it. I felt the blood rush to my head and then quickly out of it as I leaped to my feet. I was horny again on the third day and masturbated at home before I went in. My mind was so concentrated on the fact that he was still holding me - more firmly now as he used my erection as an object for instruction. For a good 30 minutes my cock stood straight up, exposed to the entire room. Needless to say I was right back in that stall taking care of business before the remaining rounds. I still use this experience to masturbate sometimes.

"Alright, just as I explained before you will each have a chance to do this examination." "Please stand up," he motioned to me. I could not believe how squeamish some of these future doctors were! His hand cupped my balls as he spoke to the students. You have to get used to it because it happens.” They discussed what to do in this instance. I could not, no matter what horrible or disgusting thing I thought about, control it.

I would faint right there in front of all those med students, one hand on my forehead and the other holding my tiny little gown.“Come,” he motioned for me to join him. It wasn’t one of those university rooms you see on television where the students are in that stadium like setting. They were in plastic chairs formed in a semi-circle two rows deep. It was so quiet except for shuffling of papers and adjusting of bodies.“As I was telling you,” he went on with his lecture or whatever they were doing before I arrived, “the genitals . .”That is all I heard because at that moment he lifted my down and exposed my cock and balls, touch me.

If I had to do it all over again I would probably opt for setting up a fake doctor experience. One that keeps to the clinical side of it and not let it get to the sexual contact side.

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