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My sister downloaded this movie about last 2 years. :) The way that Nam never give up easily just to notice by the guy she likes and Shone gave his sacrifice with his best friend Top, to not pursue Nam! i have really enjoyed this movie too much and i wanted to tell that this thing is also happended on my life so i was also got emotional on watching this movie i dont understand the languages of this movie but ny watching the action and all i understood LL THE THING ABOUT THIS MOVIE. so to all that work hard for this movie, i salute all of you, well we were so thankful to all of you for creating such a very good movie... This is the funniest romance comedy drama ever I watched.. I never get into Thai movies before but since I watch this movie, I'm getting curious in thai movies. when he opened his album with all the pictures of her and a warm secrets as well. I am watching this movie everyday..makes me free from stress and really make me feel the love inside me...i love u all friends..i love Thailand. This movie really gives inspiration to everyone, boy or girl, all my friend to whom i suggest this movie really fall for it so also my first Thai movie to watch, and it is really good, well more than good i can say.

I couldn't stop crying when she finally confessed her love to P'Shone after 3 years and she came to know that he's in a relationship already! Now i became a big fan of Thai films,really really a great,cute and a comedy movie. 'Nam' the character in the film is very adorable and "P'chon" is the inspirer to be good with everyone. I get inspired by this movie to sacrifice, accept and love things like decisions. shone and nam are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet........................ though am an Indian..i watch this with cracy about this movie... to date, this year 2011, my unrequited love turn 9 years, i met him when i was still 15 in High school, i also try to change myself to make his eyes look at me, but i think my effort can't be compared to Nam's, and unlike Nam, i didn't have the courage to tell him how i really now acting as my teacher in animation and my director, and still my feelings are secretly kept. :)) MARIO MAURER YOU'RE SOOOO HOOOOOOOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When i first heard of this movie i literally watched it because the guy was hot and when i finished it, i fell in love with not only just P.shone but with the movie and all of the cast as well. Mr Director, Cast, and Crew congratulations for a job well done! ouch but always love finds way to see what your sending to him^^ ... The place where Nam and Shone go with their friend, the lake and bridge are so wonderful. Please tell me 'cause I have plan to go to Thailand at the end of this year and really really really wanna go there. The director just told after receive a prize from Japan that he never announce there will be a sequel He know that many movie lover want part 2 that make him confuse but he think he might end up here because the story end already , both are in love and if the story about 9 year missing Shone and Nam won't be together right ? but im not satisfied with the ending the ending needs more ellaborative plays between the two lead characters and i hope that teacher pon told teacher inn that he likes her also... good job for this movie and hope for a sequel with a good ending thumbs up, Godbless Hi.. when i first heard about the movie..i just ignored it but when i saw its trailer on youtube.. so funny..rom-com 5 bai-fern got more popular in thai after this movie the supporting role in the tv-drama at prime time and many magazine fashion For those who asks for the songs (with subs). “สิ่งเล็กๆที่เรียกว่ารัก” / “one little thing called love” : ahhhh makilig gid ko kung ara kamo to ^_^ u dont understand sorry hahahahhaha : D BYE BYE I like you TWO aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!! which was very unusual because only TITANIC made me cry.. pero ok lang atleast nalaman na ni shone ang lahat.job....meron pa......!!! love ko to something that tickle me i was watching this movie its just like old day when courting someone but the girls always do things to make him see that she interested to him... throughtout that hour and a half i felt that Chon didn't even really know her. it was like he was just there and was all happy didily dada .(when he first spoke...i almost stopped watching this..btw) the whole shock happens at the later part of the film when he appears out of nowhere. 4/10 3.999 of the 4 is because second half Nam was pretty gorgeus and the Lead was also prety handsome..language minused 3 and the rest.crappy plot,story,organization and pacing. the most review and comment of this website of all time !! this is the most unique (for me) movie I've ever seen... my classmates also liked it and they were crazy in love of this movie... the movie is so nice and more learning's to catch up! because of this movie, I really want to go to Thailand! hope there will be a part 2 in this movie ;) i like it very much...honestly i've watch it many times and i am not tired to watch it all over again.. actually i immediately have a research on it..the names of the characters and the language used.. 2.there are no any confirm about part2 of this movie...sorry about it 3the beginning after this movie launch last year hit among thai people and not so popular among the media ...week after that some people who like it ask the other though social media and webboar call "pantip" to watch this movie become hits even the older people went to the theater to watch it ....climb up to 70 million thai bath finally 4 during that time there is other movie name "hello stranger" take the first ranking in box office ..guy should try .. Even though it was just a film, I felt like everything is really happening for real. I hope a part 2 will be there to entertain Indian youths. I will never told her anymore :-) i love this movie because it was so related .. he make his own filipino film with my idol Erich Gonzales.... i wanna see him in personal if he will back here in the philippines!!! I saw this film "little thing called love" and i have watch it many times, i really like it very much that i want to watch it again and again. I just watched it over again for my project in english for a filmed movie review! I hope you make another movie as beautiful like this......... to people who gave their ways that made this movie successful......! i watch this movie evry cute,sweet and really romantic... somehow the plot of this story was the same as my real one... This will be a super hit if they will make it into a series. this movie is so successful .....i don't have anything to say because this movie is absolutely perfect and fantastic and the role of each members are perfect for them .. and you know what, i almost cry while watching this movie. i hope there will be a part 2 of this movie...♥ This isnt the first time i've watched a thai movie tho i have been only watching horror flicks from thai. Im in love :) It made me cry, laugh and well fall in love :). I hope there's a boy who looking great like him at my school.. You're a talented're not just looking good.. ♡♡ I loved it from the very beginning till the end. My top favorite movie of all the times :) now I can't even remember exactly how many times I've w Atched this amazing movie lol thanks for bringing this to life. Great job Thai producers,directors and especially the actors. I also loved a girl for 5 years since middle school . We r becoming friends now but still hope the day she love me . The totality of this movie will ensure the worth of watching it...... i am myself, was an amateur writer thinking of a story to write, then thought of writing my own story instead, but as i watch this movie, it gives me a shock. I and my friends in school like to dance it but we don't know what is the lyrics of islander someone know, please can you write it This movie is indeed very good. There are so may things that is not said and done in this movie. I want to know what happened to Top, Pin, and Nam's friends and teacher.

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