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True Blood comic books, character busts, jewelry, and even a cook book have been marketed to the public, as well as an actual version of the True Blood beverage.Throughout its run, the show has utilized viral campaigns and vampire mockumentaries to generate a mass amount of fan excitement.Other main characters who feature in the human world of Bon Temps include Sookie's best friend, Tara (Rutina Wesley) and Tara's eccentric cousin, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), who also works at Merlotte's.Sookie's world collides with the world of vampires when she meets Stephen Moyer's stoic vampire Bill, who comes into the bar one night and orders a bottle of True Blood.'They were very friendly and took pictures with other diners,' the eyewitness told the site.

The actors have even been spotted 'kissing' in New Orleans, where the 41-year-old Colombian sactress is making Don't Mess With Texas alongside Reese Witherspoon. : The True Blood star was right behind Sofia as she chatted with director Alfonso Cuaron (center) and Modern Family co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson at the White House event at Villa Firenze That's where they were spotted, at Louisiana's Li'l Dizzy's Cafe on Sunday, getting affectionate.

'Sofia had no idea that he had been crushing on her for a while,' an insider added.

She announced via Twitter and Who Say that they had split, telling followers, 'We have been having too many problems with figuring out how to spend time together and because of my work and now his, it's been getting worse and worse.

Besides vampires, Bon Temps proves to be home to a variety of supernatural beings, werewolves, shape-shifters, witches, and fairies, to name a few.

The heroine of True Blood is a telepathic waitress named Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin.

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Alan Ball made True Blood the first project in his development deal with HBO after coming across the first novel in Harris' series by chance in a bookstore, and Harris chose his option for her novels over various others due to his understanding of her vision.

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