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Advay saves her from the sleazeball every time, but also insults her and gets angry at her.

Chandni is confused about his behaviour and why he hates her so much.

Advay anyway exposes this one day later in order to spoil the Vashist family's reputation, throws them out of the house and uses it as a pretext to disown Chandni.

But his Nani comes and asks Chandni to come with her to Mumbai where Advay stays with his Maasi, cousin Pooja and nephew Adi.

Poornima Sarkar real name is Swati Rajput Mishti Sarkar real name is Reet Sharma Shantanu Sarkar real name is Lakshya Wahi Pradeep Vinas real name is Satish Sharma Rashmi Vinas real name is Jaanvi Sangwan Ankush Prabhakar Joshi real name is Kabeer Maira / Cabir Maira Aditi/Gayatri real name is Neha Sargam.

While travelling by train, Dev throws his brother out to save him from the mob.This Indian soap opera and drama TV series was started on 26th August, 2013 and went off aired on June 13, 2015. It makes it much popular among the viewers of the country. Swati real name is Shivani Tomar Abhay Deshmukh real name is Deep Jaitley Vinayak Agnihotri real name is Sachin Parikh Sulbha Deshmukh real name is Pratibha Goregaonkar Mansi real name is Anchal Sabharwal Apsara real name is Aakshi Khari Riya Lokhande real name is Sharmin Kazi Nani real name is Anjuman Saxena Raghu Bhai real name is Yogi Raj.He buys the house the Vashishts are living in, also his childhood home, but lets them continue to stay while moving in with his staff, Murli and Shilpa.Chandini's wedding has been fixed to a sleazy boy just because his family was going to pay off her stepmom's huge debt.

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