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Each Halloween, Unbound Production’s Wicked Lit offers an immersive performance of classic horror tales at the very scenic and seasonally appropriate Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery in Altadena. Last year’s Boogeyman theme has been replaced with Secret Society, wherein members of a clandestine cult with judge you as either “Elite” or “Deranged.” This is also the first year that guests will depart the wagon and travel some of the pathway on foot. Tickets are cheap, so this Thousand Oaks haunt is the best bang for your buck in town, plus you can feel good even while feeling terrified: all the proceeds go to charity.In addition to the hay ride, there are will as be a few additional mazes, the Scary-Go-Round, pumpkin carving, and a food truck. Once you enter this Fullerton haunt, the spirits inside will chose one of four paths for you, each leading to a different horrifying dimension.This theatrical haunt requires you to first navigate a maze, then witness several garish and extreme vignettes in their black box theater.This one is excellent every year, with truly disturbing and well-crafted performances, and it’s only .If you're not cool with gross-out horror or potentially triggering subject matter (eating disorders, sexual assault, bullying, etc.), we'd avoid this one.Otherwise, expect a dozen totally new rooms, a mini-escape room, and roving pig demons in this half-hour-minute haunt.Get a drink in their lounge, then enter their twisted maze in groups of only eight at a time, for 90 minutes; get reservations in advance to prevent long waits.A half-dozen mazes, numerous scare zones, roller coasters in the dark, and spooky performances will take over the park for Halloween this season.

Perhaps you’re skittish and would like to just visit a nice pumpkin patch and get a cider.

New this year is Aftermath 2, the park’s largest maze in history, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a group of villains seek to unleash a deadly virus.

And as the holder of the DC Universe license, they’re also launching a Knotts’ long-running Halloween experience is back with eight mazes, two of them new, plus zombie laser tag, a virtual-reality horror experience, an augmented reality game, and four bonus immersive horror experiences for people who splurge and buy a pass with a skeleton key.

Additionally, they have an attraction called The Last Ride, which will apparently show you what it'd be like to be buried alive in a coffin. Monster busts, gory paintings, and macabre sculptures take up the gallery space, but if you’re feeling extra brave, you can try their escape room.

It’s a 30-minute experience that takes place in the recording studio of a GG Allin-esque punk musician who harbors a very dark secret. A creepy mortician will introduce you to a few of his pals before leading you down a monster-filled hallway to a seance.

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