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The Fonejacker, who wears a red, white and black balaclava, makes all the prank calls in the segments of the show where live action / a hidden camera is used.He assumes the guise of characters to make the prank calls.Kayvan Novak is a 38-year-old British-Iranian actor, comedian and voice artist.He is most famous for co-creating and starring in the hit series Fonejacker, which aired on Channel 4 from 2006 to 2008.The slogan for the show is '100 per cent Real News Guaranteed', although this needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.The agenda covers British issues, but viewers will notice a strong influence from the US.Users will also be able to access Fonejacker ring tones free of charge and purchase any and every available Fonejacker product from the in app shop. If you find it too low you need to turn your volume up or plug in external powered speakers.If using an older i Pod Touch without speakers then you will need to plug in earphones or speakers to hear sounds.

“It’s wicked to be back releasing on one of our favourite labels and for Steve who has been a great inspiration in our productions.When my phone was snatched, a civilian passing by genuinely believed the convincing spectacle of my phone being stolen and preceded to chase after poor Farris.We then had to tell him it was all fake and possibly crushed his dreams of being my hero.Kayvan won the 2008 Television BAFTA for Best Comedy (Programme or Series) and he later went on to co-create and star in spin-off series Facejacker.Born in London, Kayvan began his career as an actor, landing roles in shows such as Holby City, Murphy's Law and Trial & Retribution.

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