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Grand Theft Auto V Version True1 ,, gt .g8"""bgd`7MM mm \/ .d P' `M MM MM `' d M' ` MM .g P"Ya`7MMp MMMb. X.22 Monkey Business Trevor X.23 Hang Ten X.24 Strangers and Freaks--Extra Commission (Josh) X.25 Strangers and Freaks--Closing the Deal (Josh) X.26 Strangers and Freaks--Surreal Estate (Josh) X.27 Strangers and Freaks--Breach of Contract (Josh) X.28 Surveying the Score Trevor or Michael X.29 Bury the Hatchet Devin Weston missions cont.

,p P"Ybdmm MMmm.g P"Ya`7Mb,od8,p P"Ybd MM MM, M' Yb MM MM 8I `" MM , M' Yb MM' "'8I `" MM. Trevor X.30 Pack Man Franklin XI.1 Fresh Meat Solomon Richards missions cont.

(I still think VC mouse and keyboard controls should be an option to free up the right hand for lean back and lean forward keys for stunts.) Special Skill has taken the place of Adenaline.

Director Mode replaces the stilllikedressingup code. Animals in the game now include not just birds but rabbits, deer, cows, coug- ars, wild boars, pigs, rats, dogs, cats, stingrays, humpback whales, butter- flies, and fish.

Would it be so bad for the developers to at least give the easier version as an option?

You have to have a protagonist turn around quickly a lot in a GTA. Land vehicles don't seem like boats in a sea of molasses anymore. Driving a Sanchez over the north hills reminds me of "Motocross Madness 2." Land vehicles that are tipped over can be tipped upright pretty easily with A or D.

Franklin gets a pet dog named Chop he can play with.

I.13 Radio I.14 TV I.15 Movies GTW notes: Where "ET" came from Where "Borat" came from I.16 Codes I.17 Video walk-through/people who help with missions/entire games "Done Quick" I.18 How to get as much done as possible before starting the main missions &&&& II Wanted ratings, weapons, Health, and Armor II.1 Wanted Ratings Busted Getting rid of a wanted rating What happens at each wanted level Wanted rating exploits The impound lot II.2 Weapons Weapon selection wheel Weapon noise Weapon descriptions II.3 Health HUD Health system II.4 Armor HUD Armor system II.5 Special skill/lung capacity II.6 Money--the stock market &&&& III The missions "GTA V" mission tree and storyline choices Maps and GPS Part one III.1 Prologue (cutscene intro) III.2 Franklin and Lamar **** IV Preliminaries for Franklin Clinton IV.1 Skills IV.2 The Cell Phone--phone numbers, Emails, the Internet, quick saving Using the Snapmatic to save locations IV.3 Safehouses and garages Los Santos Customs/Beeker's Garage IV.4 Dangerous and restricted areas Shark, cougar aka mountain lion, dog IV.5 Weapon locations IV.6 Health locations IV.7 Body Armor locations When weapon, Health, and Armor pickups reappear IV.8 Parachute and vehicle locations IV.9 Hidden Packages and underwater weapons IV.10 Achievements (part one of three) IV.11 Stunt Jumps IV.12 Shooting Range IV.13 More 100% requirements-- have private dance/sex with a stripper, sex with a prostitute, rob a store, and watch a movie IV.14 Other interactive sites IV.15 Make a copy of your save game **** V The Main Story Missions cont.

I.3.e 100% completion guide I.4 Settings I.5.a Stats I.5.b Single player Achievements I.5.c Multiplayer I.5.d Multiplayer Achievements I.6.a Some distinctions between the console and PC versions I.6.b Adapters for PS2 and Xbox controllers I.6.c Gamepad controls **** I.7 Controls A couple of instant replays that should have been (and other odd moments) WTF screenshots **** I.7.a General controls Recording controls I.7.b Movement controls Swimming controls I.7.c Combat controls Having your protagonist punch his neighbors to get to know them I.7.d Weapon select **** I.7.e Vehicle controls General controls I.7.f Cars/Bikes/Boats controls The things you can find in the back of trucks I.7.g Stunt information Wallride Bump Airgrab Superjump The Two Wheeler gimmick I.7.h Aircraft controls I.7.i Submersibles controls I.7.j Parachute controls I.7.k Cellphone controls I.7.l GTA Online **** I.8 A rundown of some of the vehicles and some of their real names I.8.a Four wheel vehicles I.8.b Motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles I.8.c Blimps, Helicopters, jets, and planes I.8.d Boats I.8.e Submersibles I.9 A rundown of some of the people who drive them Using the three protagonists I.10 Ghost world How to get under the map--falling through ghost world Exploring ghost world How to enter normally unavailable interiors I.11 Odds and Ends Some GTA clones/forerunners you might try Game updates I.12 Glitches I.12.a Problem glitches I.12.b Fun glitches, gimmicks, etc.

While you're there, you might want see if you find any useful information in "Glenster's Guide to GTJ Brooklyn," which is also at the next link: Icey, whose parser enabled my "San Andreas" walk-through to have active links not only for the Internet sites that open in separate windows but the chapter designations, makes navigating this daunting thing a lot easier, too (thanks again to Icey! Type in all or part of the name of the mission you're looking for, or some distinctive word from that section, then keep clicking "Find Next" till you're taken there. v=0ZZqu Vyl LEo 2016-09-16 21-04-16-52_CONTENTS I Introduction I.1 Paying tributes, having things in common, and things you may not have noticed I.2 PC Health I.2.a Clean your disk, disk player, and PC I.2.b Get your hard disk drive (HDD) and/or solid state drive (SSD) clean and in order I.2.c Use the latest updates I.2.d Turn off unnecessary applications before running the game I.2.e Take-Two Games web site and support I.2.f Tweak guides I.2.g Volume I.2.h System requirements I.2.i PC hardware and software on a budget I.3 How to save games/quick save I.3.a The convenience of copies of your GTA IV User File I.3.b Glenster's GTA V Starter Package I.3.c Some advice about saving the game I.3.d An application that offers teleporting to stunt sites, collectibles, the Health, Armor, and Weapon pickups, etc.

Michael XI.15 Meltdown XI.16 Parenting 101 XI.17 The Order of Things (part two) Lester Crane missions cont.

Franklin XI.18 The Multi Target Assassination XI.18.a The Vice Assassination XI.18.b The Bus Assassination XI.18.c The Construction Assassination XI.19 Businesses (part two of two) XI.19.a Mc Kenzie Field XI.19.b Franklin's Businesses XI.20 Planning the Big Score (the Subtle Approach) XI.21 Stingers (the Subtle Approach) XI.22 Gauntlet (1, 2, 3) (the Subtle Approach) XI.23 The Big Score (the Subtle Approach) XI.24 Planning the Big Score (the Obvious Approach) XI.25 Getaway (the Obvious Approach) XI.26 Driller (the Obvious Approach XI.27 Sidetracked (the Obvious Approach) XI.28 The Big Score (the Obvious Approach) Isiah Friedlander "Abandonment Issues" Franklin XI.29 Finale XI.29.a Something Sensible XI.29.b The Time's Come XI.29.c The Third Way XI.30.a 100% completion XI.30.b The rest of the businesses and garages Dr.

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