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He appears to believe that six Moon missions carried photographic equipment that was useless.

a large number of websites with a You Tube video purporting to be the trailer of a "docudrama" claiming that the technology for the Moon landings was in fact developed by Yugoslavia using the writings of the Slovenian space exploration visionary/pioneer Thanks to the aggressive promotion, the video managed to accumulate over a million views, but the documentary failed to materialize in the promised timeline (the original posts suggested it would be released "later this year" It's the creation of Slovenian director Ziga Virc, who has a history of pulling stunts like that: his earlier movie Triest is ours!

Independent journalist Marcus Allen has said that, as a professional photographer, he is certain that none of the photographic materials from Apollo could have actually been obtained on the Moon, for technical reasons.Ignorance of space radiation and its effects can lead to amusing results, such as claiming that passing through the Van Allen belts would literally melt the Apollo spacecraft while Van Allen himself stated that it's all nonsense.Aforementioned Bill Kaysing argued for a middle ground between this option and the previous option: namely, that Apollo spacecraft went into a low orbit on remote control, but astronauts themselves were whisked away to the "moon set" in Nevada before launch.This attitude dates back to the founder of the movement (A. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada) and the time of the landings themselves, though it doesn't seem to be a tenet of the modern ISKCON itself.A number of people are silent on the shape of the Earth but nevertheless believe that no Apollo astronauts ever went into Earth orbit.

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This includes the subgroup believing that human spaceflight — or indeed, spaceflight at all — is impossible for some other reasons.

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