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Putting himself in a “father figure” position will install more of a sense of control.Treating you like a child that went to the mall, prior to doing her homework, is the kind of humiliation in you he is trying to achieve.You’ve had a rough week you deserve it.” Later, it will fire with comments like: “You’re such a fat loser. ”While it may seem unnatural to view ourselves through this outside lens, we all possess this critical inner voice.For many of us, this thought process is so engrained that we hardly notice when it arises.For most of us, the expression “you are your own worst enemy” holds a lot of truth. Even people who seem well-adjusted and well-liked in their social circles have deep-seated feelings of being an outcast or a fraud.

Then type your knowledge, add image or You Tube video till "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! Instead of recognizing this voice as the destructive enemy that it is, we mistake it for our real point of view, and we believe what it tells us about ourselves.Psych Alive draws on the contribution of leading psychology experts who specialize in a broad spectrum of subjects related to our emotional well-being. (I can’t search through 100 bad stories to find 1 good story). If your story doesn’t get accepted, please don’t be angry or offended. By submitting your story, you agree that you are giving Scaryforkids permission and rights to display it on the Website.

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