Mens dating guide

Or should could brush her collarbone with her fingertips.

A woman may subconsciously adjust her shirt or blouse in attempt to show more cleavage.

If you she likes you, her upper body will be pointed and leaning towards your direction.

Women who are uncomfortable, much like men, tend to either sit straight or slough back away from the person their talking to.

While you might be attracted to her in this moment, you might not be in the future.

This space between two people, looks like a triangle.Why stress out over something that again, doesn’t even matter.They say it contributes as much as 50% or more of what we communicate towards another person. When it comes to women the two biggest telltale signs of body language are her physical body direction and leg direction.Before I jump into the next section here, I want to point out another thing with you.Some gentlemen believe girls who are interested will often mirror your body image. Let’s face it, when you yawn the rest of the room yawns too.

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