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While talking coats are yet to materialise, we have clothes that can charge smartphones, others fitted with tracking chips, and garments with flashing LED lights built in.

The Mc Fly household boasts a video screen that rolls over a window like a blind, and on which is displayed the video image of a scenic view.

A number of news networks are beginning to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to get fresh perspectives in remote regions and high above crowded events, for example One of the latest attempts to bring internet connectivity to kitchen is Maid (Make All Incredible Dishes).

This smart oven (pictured above) can provide recipes, speaks instructions aloud and also provides accurate timings each step of the way.

Despite the many predictions the film correctly made about life in the 21st century there were some notable omissions.The company released a limited range of Mc Fly's Nike MAGs with manual laces in 2011 (pictured) In the film, the Mc Fly family uses a pizza hydrator (pictured) that rapidly ‘inflates’ a meal from a compact snack to a large size.While this gadget is far from being a staple in our kitchens, something similar has been invented in the form of Turbo Chef, which is a rapid cook oven, capable of cooking a pizza in just 90 seconds Drones also make a brief appearance in the film with a ‘USA Today’ drone capturing Griff's arrest (shown).On many of today’s smart TV sets it is possible to display at least two channels at the same time, with the second channel screened in a smaller preview box.Owners for both cars will need a pilot and a driver's licence to operate the road-legal airplane, in addition to 20 hours of flying time under their belt.

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Such screens should soon be reality, with companies such as Philips, Sony and Samsung all displaying rollable video screens at technology fairs.

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  1. I also loved the supporting cast, mainly the main female leads' ex-con crew and Ji-Sung's CUTE secretary. many thanks for the author who has written good and brilliant story line. As for me casting is perfect, both did a great job for their roles. It was foolish of Yoo-Jung that she trusted his boyfriend way too much Do-Hoon and took the blame, she had to bear all that harshness and cruelty which was given to her by Min-Hyuk. anyway, Hwang Jung-Eum looks like Rachel Mc Adams especially when she smiles. Everyone of them kept on making me watch more and more. and Gwangmin got what he really deserved, he's been so loyal to that company all his life.