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Part 1—Understanding Argument An Introduction to Argument Recognizing Arguments Why Instructors Assign Argument [box]Defining Argument What Kinds of Statements Are Not Debatable?

[box]Arguments in Real Life Winning and Losing Arguments The Rhetorical Situation Considering the Writer Considering the Purpose Considering the Audience Considering the Question Considering the Context Logos, Pathos, and Ethos The Appeal to Reason (logos) Logos in Action The Appeal to the Emotions (pathos) Pathos in Action The Appeal to Authority (ethos) Ethos in Action The Rhetorical Triangle1—The Four Pillars of Argument AT ISSUE: Is a College Education Worth the Money?

[Model MLA Paper] 11—Using Sources Responsibly AT ISSUE: Where Should We Draw the Line with Plagiarism?

Understanding Rogerian Argument Structuring Rogerian Arguments Writing Rogerian Arguments Zoya Kahn, Why Cell Phones Do Not Belong in the Classroom [student essay] Understanding Toulmin Logic Constructing Toulmin Arguments Writing Toulmin Arguments Jen Davis, Competitive Cheerleaders Are Athletes [student essay] Understanding Oral Arguments Planning an Oral Argument Checklist: Designing and Displaying Visuals Delivering Oral Arguments Dealing with Nervousness [box]Composing an Oral Argument Chantee Steele, An Argument in Support of the "Gap Year" [student speech] READING AND WRITING ABOUT THE ISSUE: Is Online Education Better Than Classroom Education?Anonymous Yik Yak App Isn’t Telling *Jennifer Golbeck, All Eyes on You *Craig Desson, My Creepy Instagram Map Knows Where I Live *Sharon Jayson, Is Online Dating Safe?*Sam Laird, Should Athletes Have Social Media Privacy?(If you are unsure how to do this, ask a reference librarian for help.) Examples given in this guide are based on the or ask a reference librarian.When in doubt, it is advisable to check with your instructor to see if he/she has a preference for the format you should follow when citing your specific research documents.

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Jack Shafer, Sidebar: Comparing the Copy Lawrence M. *Dan Ariely, Essay Mills: A Coarse Lesson in Cheating Term Papers for Sale Advertisement [Web page] Template for Writing an Argument about Plagiarism Writing Assignments: Using Sources Responsibly Part 5— Strategies for Argument12—Definition Arguments AT ISSUE: Is Wikipedia a Legitimate Research Source? Developing Definitions Dictionary Definitions (Formal Definitions) Extended Definitions Operational Definitions Structuring a Definition Argument Adam Kennedy, Why I Am a Nontraditional Student [student essay] GRAMMAR IN CONTEXT: Avoiding "Is Where" and "Is When" *Ej Garr, Athlete vs.

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