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But after listening to it many times now I needed more background information about the band, I wanted to have a better picture of Cork, Ireland, the band, the lineup. Javi contacted us a few years ago and suggested the idea of re-releasing our album.

So happily Ciarán was up to answering all my questions! So we discussed it and since I live in Dublin and Ian, the guitarist lives in London and the remaining members still in Cork it took a while for us to make up our minds.

And if that’s not enough he has shared with me 3 cool photos, check them out here: I wrote about your band on my blog some time ago and then almost immediately I learnt from Javi (Pretty Olivia Records) that you were preparing a re-release of “Exit Trashtown”. After that, we spent nine months approximately trying to source the analogue tapes which was a big ordeal since some of them could have been thrown out or lost.

Luckily, Joe O’Herlihy who is U2’s Audio Director had kept the original master tapes for Exit Trashtown but we spent a lot of time looking for other tapes including our last demo tape which we were eager to get out there.

Justin's dad (who seriously looks like someone else, is that the same actor?

Also Javi introduced us to OMG in Brooklyn, New York and we were going to co-release the album with OMG and Pretty Olivia Records.

Yet despite all available evidence, Degraw's lawyer insists his client was not motivated by bias."I have known Mr.

Whether you follow the show sacrilegiously, or just cruise for the Ho Yay!

Also thanks to Javi from Pretty Olivia Records for helping me get in touch with Ciarán for this interview after I had written a piece about them some years ago!! released on that label a fantastic reissue of their LP “Exit Trashtown” that included much more than the original album.

A beautiful packaged release that all indiepop lovers can’t miss.

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This episode ended up being about 15 shades brighter than I assumed and for that I am thankful, though I found myself making very odd decisions...1. I know, I know, but he took a political cause and used it to fight his personal vendetta which is not fair to the cause, nor advancing it in any way. Ted plays loyal side kick this week by acting as a sounding post for Brian, and as a revelation revealer for Emmett.

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