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19, taking the pressure off legislators finish the fiscal legislation or face a shutdown three days before Christmas.

Members of the Hispanic caucus were staunchly against the deal, and Latino leadership said so during a meeting with Pelosi, Schumer and Democratic leader Dick Durbin on Wednesday that was first reported on by the Washington Post.

Pelosi concurred, a member familiar with the discussion said.

She ultimately voted against the GOP-brokered spending resolution.

Congressman Luis Gutierrez led the charge, telling the Democratic Party boss, 'I feel like your throwing us under the bus.'Schumer told the House member that the claim was 'insulting' and tempers flared.A total of 93 players on 2017 Opening Day rosters were born in the D. One of those 93 players, Rangers outfielder Carlos Gómez, offered his point of view on some the most poignant issues presented by Alou and addressed how Latin players continue to struggle with the challenges of adjusting to playing baseball and living in the U.S., including the treatment by the media due to their poor English-speaking skills.Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell said this week that he'd bring legislation that achieves those goals to the floor if the two sides can broker a deal by the end of next month.'Yeah, not gonna happen,' the person who spoke to Daily said.

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