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investment…saved the world during the 2008 financial crisis…” The superlatives roll on. Don’t you think, with all the growth and infrastructure, the material wealth, let alone saving the world like some kind of financial whizz James Bond, that China would be a happier and healthier country?

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Take a brisk constitutional along the Fall River’s warm, spring-fed wind through the small southern Black Hills town of Hot Springs among redrock cliffs and turn-of-the-century pink sandstone storefronts, and you can almost hear the tuba of the Bower Family Band floating on a breeze, and feel the bustle of a boom time that swelled the streets, hotels and bathhouses with throngs of the curious, hopeful and on-the-mend, enchanted by a far-reaching lore about healing waters.

Mc Gillicuddy, and Colonel William Thornby, an important character in early Hot Springs history.

The trio happened upon a bath fed by a mineral spring, clearly fashioned in the shape of a moccasin.

There’s also an optimism, a stubborn faith in the idea that nature has given this canyon something too obstinately invigorating not too spring forth at any moment from beneath the crust of the lean years, a Hot Springs eternal, cheerfully oblivious to the callous cycle of boom-and-bust.This is possible as the expedition embarked from Fort Laramie and Jane is known to have worked as a prostitute at the Fort’s Three Mile Hog Ranch, a soldier’s bordello.With or without Calamity Jane, the party officially confirmed what prospectors already knew. Jenney returned in 1879 with a first expedition veteran, Valentine T.When the troubles passed the place was forgotten for a spell, then revived as a resort by the Cheyenne.When the Lakota arrived, they named the place Minne-kahta, or “warm waters.” The popular history of Battle Mountain attributes the name of the densely pined peak above town to an 1869 Lakota vs.

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