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There was a time when “adult dating site” was a niche, a time when dating sites were for dating and when you had to use Be Naughty if you just wanted a fling.

There was also a time when sites like these could prosper by focusing on smaller demographics. Every preference and every demographic has their own hook-up apps now.

We can’t tell you how many times we have heard that question.

In the world of adult dating sites, Be Naughty is the one that frequently pops-up and it seems that wherever you see the word “Be Naughty” the word “Scam” soon follows. In this Be Naughty Scam article we’ll ask that question and answer it as best we can, offering our own review and looking at other Be Naughty reviews as well.

Be Naughty are the kings of this, up there with Mac Keeper for using tactics that have brought more users to the service but have also forever given it a bad name.

These tactics include pop-ups, pop-unders and other ads that you just can’t get rid of.

Many affiliate programs will warn their users against using certain methods because they don’t want them to harm the brand. So, by allowing their affiliates to advertise them through all kinds of dodgy methods, the words “Be Naughty Scam” are so common, so widespread that they might as well be official branding.

If you look at the genuine Be Naughty reviews out there, which is to say not the affiliate reviews, then most are bad.

They want them to believe that they will never be left wanting for a perfect match, and it makes them believe this by creating those perfect matches time and time again. These include the fact that it can be hard to quit and it can be hard to contact women, real ones included.

They are not as deceptive as other sites when it comes to establishing fake profiles in order to chat with new members and get more money off them.

Okay, for let’s get one thing straight: Be Naughty is not a scam in the traditional sense.

They will not steal your money or your credit card details.

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