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Don’t miss the chance to see what your favorite Braxton is up to on this one-hour special.PLUS, We reveal the results of our "Who's Your Favorite Braxton? On Tamar’s advice, the Braxtons fly to Maryland to visit to have a family reunion with their father.

In New York, Tamar is on the brink and stressing out while taking care of Vince.Tamar's new single sparks drama when Mommy is shocked to find out it's written about her and Daddy's divorce. Trina reveals the truth about a shocking arrest at her home. The sisters fear old wounds will be exposed on Bishop T. Jakes' talk show and a last-minute performance throws them off. Trina stresses over her next court date for her divorce and gets ready for a major fight. Traci’s behavior in Miami concerns family; worries about her drinking. Evelyn pushes the sisters to work out their issues, but they stay silent. Sisters come to LA as Toni gets ready for the Grammy Awards.A blended family proposal shocks all when Daddy suggests his wife attends a family trip. After Tamar misses an important family event, she defends herself to the sisters. Parents insist on a counseling session with well-known spiritual advisor Bishop T. Trina goes on her first date since filing for divorce. Sisters are stressed when Mama Evelyn faces major surgery, and Tamar panics when she can’t be there.They visit their childhood house but are kicked out by the new owners.Dad doesn’t show up to brunch leaving the sisters devastated. Tamar tries to dissuade Toni from posing for Playboy, even booking a nude shoot for her.

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Towanda erupts into a shocking meltdown at the dinner table!

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