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I think that both Rascal Dog and I were surprised at how short the scene was. Another unexpected scene that was sprung on me by FTVRob.I write that making it seem like shooting a girl/girl scene is such a hardship haha.Knowing FTVGirls Rob, he probably roped me into it when I was visiting the FTV mansion (probably picking up my paycheck). Another first time girl that (as far as I know) is completely exclusive to the FTV team.This was my first planned girl/girl shoot, that was going to be the big New Years update.Doing the carrot and key lime competition was incredibly fun.

I'm not 100% sure which happened first; she either shot with FTVGirls first and then signed up with an adult talent agency out of LA, or she signed up with the agency (the same agency I was signed with...

I'm going to blame that on the fact that everything was moved around when my new computer was built. It's smaller than what I normally wear, though it does help that it is made of some stretchy fabric.

I'm sure someone would have found it amusing to watch me jump and wiggle into this dress.

If I remember correctly, I was able to stuff, at the most, five golf balls inside of me.

I feel like that is impressive considering I hadn't shot an extreme scene... I was thrilled when Lia (my FTVGirls sister) asked if I was interested in her shooting me.

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