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First, we could speak of missing the mark when you throw a spear or shoot an arrow.Second, you could miss the road you were supposed to take (like missing a turn).Its root is the verb `avah, defined as to bend, twist, distort, or to make crooked.This reinforces two metaphors for sin mentioned above: sin makes our paths to God crooked and it also distorts and twists our nature into a contortion of what we were created to be.We ought to contemplate these words—not to wallow in despair—but in order that we might be especially on guard for the many ways in which it is possible for us to stray from God and the good life He intends for us.

Certainly this is what the first sin was: resistance to the highest source of authority possible—God.

It comes from another verb, ra`a, which can mean essentially the same thing, but also refers to something broken, or, more specifically, broken into pieces.

This helps us to see one way that something can be said to have gone “bad.” A broken chair is a “bad” chair—it can no longer perform its intended function of bearing the weight of a person sitting on.

This reflects a common circumstance of sin: we have good intentions, we aim for virtue, but we still fail to reach it. Paul wrote in Romans , For I do not that good which I will; but the evil which I hate.

Sin as Wandering from the Path: Faith, in both Scripture and the writings of the Fathers, is often depicted as a journey to God.

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