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The photo has already been published in a book and shown in several major European galleries without complaint when it came to the eminent Rhodes Mann gallery in Shoreditch, east London in 2002.Public outcry ensued in Britain and Scotland Yard threatened to charge the gallery’s director with the Obscene Publications Act.

Headline #2: Black Triangle Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 2017-12-13 – Light s in the shapes of two triangles with one extended light Synopsis: I set out a nikon p900 camera looking at the sky hoping to catch geminid startrails , using the timelapse functions of the camera,on, 12/13/2017 and this video is the result of observed lights appearing and stationary.

it appeared to pulsate or move rapidly because even when i took pictures with a very fast shutter speed the object was never truly round.

it was out there for a while, i just eventually went to bed.

1 week of interaction Synopsis: Meditating in a house next to a church then i had certain visuals come thru of greys talking to me talking about my blood and dna. my wife said “look…Two triangles” i was surprised at her statement at first as she was very surprised!

i first noticed tapping on the glass of the window my ex husband and i both went outside that is when the been been appeared on the LDs church. Com/V=oggwhifqszc was watching tv when noticed an unusually bright object out patio window.

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