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He arrived in Brazil in the 1930s, already widowed (he left behind his son Lyuben, who died in 2007), but soon moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina.He returned to Brazil several years later, settling in São Paulo, where he succeeded in business.

In 1967 she joined Worker's Politics (Portuguese: ), an organization founded in 1961 as a spinoff of the Brazilian Socialist Party.

They returned home secretly to destroy documents so when in March 1969, the police searched the apartment, no documents were found.

They stayed in Belo Horizonte a few more weeks trying to reorganize Colina, but had to avoid their parents' houses, since these were watched by the military.

At dawn, the police invaded the group's house and they responded by using a machine gun, which killed two policemen and wounded another.

Rousseff and Galeno then began sleeping each night in a different location, since their apartment had been visited by one of those arrested.

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  1. Maybe I've been spoilt by a higher standard of profile writing on OKCupid, but the guys on there have definitely put a bit more thought and creativity into writing their profiles.