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I do find that they are some of the most beautiful women in the world; they seem to have just a bit less entitlement to them than American women do, though. Wanted some feedback specifically to the reason why Ukrainian women are open to relocate (not all - maybe 20% at best) but certainly a large percentage of Ukrainian women are willing to leave their country and date or marry someone from North America......i am a pessimist in a lot of ways and i wonder the real reasons for this (keep in mind i live in Canada) I strongly suggest that you avoid Ukrainian women.Dear All, I am new to this discussion group, and appreciate the efforts of those who have made it a success.My question is: Does any American on this list have any success stories they could share with me about their marriage with Ukranian women they met through online dating services?Don't buy into any of the "my mom is sick I can't afford to pay for her medical treatments" or any of that rubbish.Those are scams, regardless of what the individual tells you.

They started since December, and he's going there soon to propose to her. Her letters and phone conversations don't tell anything about her. True to the latter, and it seems those who were most successful finding wives in the FSU were there working for a period of time and came back with someone they met over there.

Speaking of foreign women, I advise against going for anyone from SE or East Asia.

The gals are ok but their families tend to be awful (the sort that if you marry one, the in laws will be harassing you and you wife to send them money, and generally don't care if you have financial problems of their own and will get very angry if you say "we can't send you more, my wife and I need to provide for our kids, etc).

Once he brought her here, she used him for everything he had, ended up draining his savings account on trivial materialistic purchases and as soon as she got the green card walked out and left him with nothing to be with a richer man.

If you proceed with a Ukrainian women, DO NOT SEND MONEY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE (this applies to any foreign woman too).

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A number of women from the Ukraine have expressed interest in moving away (probably for the same reasons the mail order industry exists) but they have said to me that the reasons include the political situation in the Ukraine ie war, the lack of "available and decent men" and poverty being another common reason given.

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