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I am very selective about the media I allow into my home.

Variety calls it a “Proustian account of an Italo-American 17-year-old’s transformative summer” that advances the canon of gay films by not being a gay film at all.has attracted very little drama about the ages of its two main characters, a Twitter spat between James Woods and Hammer notwithstanding.American critics have thoroughly analyzed the film’s many merits—its cinematography, acting, and music—while studiously avoiding going there.I do not have time to read every book that they want to read.As they are getting older, I am becoming more and more concerned.

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And sometimes the idea of age would just kind of vanish from my head as I was watching it. Guadagnino avoids directly engaging the difference in Elio and Oliver’s ages, which might have forced him to explore the underside of his sumptuous surfaces to greater, messier effect. Guadagnino leans on beauty, as when Elio’s father poetically speaks to an increasingly agitated Oliver about the “ageless ambiguity” of some male statues (“as if they’re daring you to desire them”).

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