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I work a full time job and some times on the weekends but I have a pretty flexible schedule. :)Comments: I love to meet new little's either local or online. I have worn them on and off because of the people I was with did or did not except me however. I would like to meet or talk to others who like to wear as well.

I have only known one other who liked to wear other than my self. I would like to meet and talk to others that have the same feelings as I do so that I don't feel alone.

It could be akward but email me we can work past that.

I have right now 72 depend maximum protection 50 dc amor 50 fabine exclusiv 70 other/random brands I own many pacifiers baby and adult.Slender, fit, patient Daddy who loves to baby, diaper, change, and play with other DL's or AB's in a REAL TIME setting. I just came out to my boyfriend I have been with for a year and told him about this and coincidently he is a DL and now he is my new daddy.I have no abdl, dl, mommy or daddy friends and would love to meet some. A mommy would be fine but it'd be especially nice to have a daddy. I am looking for someone that is kind, gentle, fun to be with, easy to talk to, someone who i can let my feelings out towards without feeling ashamed of myself in any way, and everything else. But what makes me AB is that I need parental guidance to not only lead, but raise me too. Comments: I'm looking for other abdl friends, big brothers/sisters, and especially a daddy or caregiver. Like cloth and disposable, always with plastic pants. I would prefer to have a Mommy who is at least 20 years older than me. and more than that, some one of the opposite gender who enjoys this interest, same as me, I LIKE TO MAKE FRIENDS GAY/BI/STRAIGHT I DONT CARE, were all just people how need frinds in there life's.

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If the area you want is not listed below, that's because there are no current listings for people in that area. I do have medical conditions that force me to need diapers. Comments: I'm a shy, reserved girl who is searching for a nurturing, kind and loving Mommy who will hold me, watch cartoons with me, and change my wet diapers.

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